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My Story

I am Art Bodner and my background is in filmmaking, and photography has always been a part of my process.  About eight years ago, after writing shooting and editing an award winning documentary, I decided I wanted to simplify my creative work and specialize in still photography exclusively .  I have been a go to photographer for a number of large Bay Area companies including Merck, Intel, Wells Fargo and others.  My main focus was event photography and part of that was providing an on location portrait studio.  Since the pandemic has changed corporate work for the short term and perhaps forever, I have changed my focus to portrait work.  I have put together an intimate studio that features state of the art lighting gear, cameras and lenses, and makes it possible to refine the work that I have been doing on location for years, welcome to Noe Valley Headshots

My background gives me the skills necessary for making subjects feel comfortable, and at ease. My natural curiosity makes it so I not only provide a quality technical setup to get good captures, but work towards getting an image that is both revealing and flattering at the same time.  I tend to favor a bit more realistic approach, and though I have advanced post production skills, I personally don't care for a look that is SO polished it makes the subject look unreal.


As a filmmaker I have always had a knack for telling a story.  When it comes to branding shoots, that is what they should do...tell a story.  It is not just a matter of getting some nice shots, which of course is always important, but they should have some common thread that helps paint a cohesive point of view.  A narrative that you want to be an extension of who you are, and what you do. I have started doing more branding shoots, and that is another aspect of my work that is a current focus.


I still maintain my mobile portrait studio, which makes sense if you have a company need for portraits, where  from 10 to 100 team members need to get shots done on site. Pricing will be based on the number of portraits you need to get done, and how much time you can allow for each subject.  

I am still doing assignment work for a number of local papers, but available for help with your newsletter, blog, website and more.    So just drop me a line on your particular photography needs, or call to set up an appointment for an in studio headshot.

"Art has been one of Intel's go to freelance photographers in the Bay Area, he has done a number of events, and provided a mobile portrait studio. He has become a team favorite".   Chris Edwards, Production Manager

"Mr. Bodner has been doing an ongoing photo documentary project for Merck.  He has proven to be reliable, enthusiastic and a great eye for telling a story visually"  Steve Mello, Facility Manager

"Art Bodner has been one of our top assignment photographers.  He has as amazing eye for capturing images that enhance our stories.  He has been reliable and fun to work with"   Sally Smith and Jack Tipple, Publishers of the Noe Valley Voice

Contact Me

Noe Valley

San Francisco, CA 94114

Tel: 415-648-2735

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